Floor Plan

'Room to Breathe' - Quiet Space
Located in room 24 'Room to Breathe' is open to all attendees at BeerX, who may need to escape from the hustle & bustle of a Trade Show for some quiet time. This space will be a tech-free zone to allow those in the room the opportunity to benefit from some needed relaxation & quiet time.

The room will be fully signposted, but should you require assistance please do not hesitate to visit the SIBA Hub and seek out a member of staff wearing SIBA Branded clothing.

Current Exhibitor List as of 05/03/2024

KegstarKegstar72French and Jupps114-115Yakima Chief Hops156Arlington Packaging Ltd
2-7Brewstar Systems73Tap Door116,117 & 118Colorscan Imaging Products Ltd157Byworth Boilers Ltd
8Anton Paar74I-Keg Ltd119Simpsons Malt158Willis Publicity
9Blefa GmbH & Vaatje 75Bag in Box Shop UK Ltd120Brewman (Premier Systems)159Brewfitt Ltd
10Plaato Technologies AS76Johnston Carmichael121Sigrist160FRAUGROUP SRL
11Saxon Packaging Ltd78Pauls Malt122Bevcraft Group161Staffordshire Brewery LTD
12Cask Global Canning Solutions79Robopac ( Aetna Group)123Brewlab Ltd162-163Moorgate Finance
13Earthly Labs a Chart Industries Company80Vinkegs Joint Stock Company124Integrated Processing Technologies Limited164QCL - QuadraChem Laboratories
15-20Konvoy81Analox Ltd125Gravity Systems165 & 166Oasthouse Engineering
21Contract Distilling Ltd82Festival Glass126Uren Food Ingredients 167Omnia Technologies UK
22DBT Europe & Wild Goose Filling83Fulton Boiler Works (GB) Ltd127Vision33168Foss UK Ltd
23Desstilluk84Banke GmbH128Sahm GmbH & Co. KG169The Carling Partnership
24Advanced Brewing UK85Next Glass129Vale Labels170Rastal GmbH & Co KG
25-29Breww Ltd86Moody Direct130Inspiration171Polykeg UK Ltd
30Bucher Denwel87Flottweg SE131Lechler LTD172Lambrechts Konstruktie
31-36IGC Engineering Ltd88Renegade Brewery132DTM Print GmbH173Schafer container systems
37-42Loughran Brewers Select Ltd89Thielmann -The Container Company133Taphandles LLC174Jasper Yeast
43-48Rawlings Group with Vigo90Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd134Croxsons175CAMRA
49Lallemand91AtlasCop Co135Hugh Crane176KHS UK Ltd.
50Rankin Brothers & Sons 92The Portman Group136Alfa Laval177Utoka
51-53Crisp Malting Group93-94NOMOQ AG137Treasure Transport Services Limited178-179Enterprise Tondelli
54HIT Training Ltd95Clearmark Solutions Ltd138Eclipse Labels180Pattesons Glass Ltd
55-56Ninkasi Rentals & Finance Limited96Lamex Agrifoods 139Avani Solutions Ltd181Zevero
57Weyermann GmbH97Keg Logistics140I.T.S.182Wine Box Company
58Kersia UK98GEA UK141WHC Lab183Bulk Storage & Process Systems (BSPS) Ltd
59-61Charles Faram & Co Ltd99Fileder Filter Systems Ltd142BarthHaas X184Napthens
62LemonTop Creative100OPM (Labels & Packaging) Group Ltd143Muntons Plc185Institute of Brewing and Distilling
63Willis European Limited101OneCircle - KeyKeg/UniKeg144Beer Box Shop186Glassware Branding
64Brewing Services Ltd102-109Microcan145BFBI187Steiner Hops
65-67Murphy & Sons Ltd110Anton Paar Ltd146,147,148,150,151,152NDL Keg188Fabdec Ltd
68Fermentis111Framax UK Limited149Collective Motion Brewing189English Hops Ltd
69,70 & 77Close Brothers Brewery Rentals112The Drinkaware Trust153Beatson Clark Plc190-196Pneumatic Scale Angelus
71AEB Brewing113CERTUSS (UK) Ltd154-155European Malt197-198Guyson International