Welcome to BeerX 2018

Welcome to SIBA's BeerX 2018, the UK's independent craft brewing trade show.

SIBA is very pleased to host BeerX UK in a new city following five successful years in Sheffield. This year's two day event will take place in Liverpool at the Exhibition Centre, 14th & 15th March 2018.

BeerX UK 2018 promises to be the biggest and very best yet with the Exhibition Centre offering SIBA state of the art exhibition facilities, hosting the seminars, key note speakers, trade exhibition, AGM and award-winning beer in one massive space.

Its location in Liverpool gives easy access to more than 5,000 hotel rooms within a 20 minute walk of the Exhibition Centre, good transport links from most major cities in Britain & across the world and plenty of pubs, bars and restaurants to socialise in after a hard, but enjoyable, day's work at BeerX UK.

Plans are accelerating quickly behind the scenes and we hope to bring you more information on what will be happening at the show as soon as possible.


Event Schedule

Exhibition setup will commence from 9.00am.

09:00 - 11:00 Exhibition Hall
SEMINAR: Wild Yeasts & Sour Beer

Time: 11.00am - 11.25am
Presenter: Rob Percival, Lallemand

An overview of production techniques for wild and sour beers with particular focus on the microflora involved, what they contribute and how they can be controlled.

About the Presenter

Robert is a qualified brewing professional with extensive experience in quality and technical roles in beer production, having been a Technical Brewer and QA analyst, with quality experience across manufacturing and packaging for both multi-national and regional brewing companies in the UK. Now working for yeast and bacteria specialists Lallemand as technical sale manager for Europe, he was the IBD young brewer of the year 2013/14 and is an expert in the fields of fermentation and cask beer production. In 2016 Robert qualified as a Doemans Beer Sommelier via the World Brewing Academy program. 

11:00 - 11:25 The Cellar
SEMINAR: Capitalising on beer apps to market your brands and gather data

Time: 11.00am - 11.50am
Presenters: Juha Karppinen (Pint Please), Paul Nunny (Cask Finder)

This seminar will discuss the business benefits of smart phone apps, user-data, analytics and social media to the brewing, pub and beer retail industry. 

Juha Karpinnen, Pint Please

Pint Please is a beer and pub smart phone app that is a valuable marketing tool for breweries, brand owners, pubs and retailers. It gives beer drinkers a tool for discovering breweries and pubs, and rating and buying beer.  Pint Please also helps beer lovers to find places that serve specific beer they want to buy. 

Breweries, pubs, retailers market their wares and boost brand awareness through Pint Please with the aid of brewery profile, beer lists, new beer launches, beer stickers for app users to collect, targeted advertisements and being featured in daily recommendations. The most valuable business feature of Pint Please is the user-data and analytics it collects on trends and popular beer types on beer trends, drinker’s preferences, geographic preferences for particular brands or styles of beer.  This helps breweries to focus their commercial strategy. 

Paul Nunny, Cask Finder App

During a 45-year career, Paul Nunny has been involved in the launch of organisations including beer quality organisation Cask Marque, the Beer Academy educational trust and beer description scheme Cyclops. He has also served as a director at brewer Adnams and wine merchant Lay & Wheeler and is currently a non-executive director at Sambrooks Brewery in London. Paul is Chief Executive of Cask Marque, whom he founded in 1998 to improve the quality of cask beer in pubs through an accreditation scheme. 

The CaskFinder App brings together beer data from a number of sources including 22,000 Cask Marque inspections, In A Pub’s Social Connect database, the new free Cyclops database and the Cask Marque/In A Pub beer database which has over 9,000 beers and 950 brewers. With pump clip recognition it is easy to find out the tasting notes and a host of other information for each beer. The latest development to be launched shortly will allow brewers and pubs to set up their own ale trails free of charge. Find out how to take advantage of these opportunities by attending the seminar.

11:00 - 11:50 Beer Garden

Experts: Q&A session with Will Rogers (Charles Faram), Ken Steer-Jones (Brewers Select), and James Fawcett and Brian Hickman (Thomas Fawcett & Sons)

This experts session on ingredients will allow you to ask any questions you may have on hops and malt. 


11:00 - 11:30 The Parlour
SEMINAR: Water Composition and its impact on Beer Styles

Time: 11.30am - 11.55am
Presenter: Frances Maud, Murphy & Sons

This short seminar will discuss why water or brewing liquor is the bedrock of any great beer style or recipe. Thus, why understanding and controlling its composition is fundamental. She will look at how to control alkalinity to achieve optimum pH levels throughout the brewing process. The addition of chloride and sulphate in order to achieve the required levels of desirable ions, will also be covered. 

About the Presenter

Frances Maud graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997 after studying Applied Biological Sciences, following which, she leapt straight into the education system as a Lab Technician for a secondary school in Cheshire, but ultimately decided that teaching was not for her. Shortly after which she found the brewing industry and hasn’t looked back! Fran has now worked for Murphy & Son Ltd in Nottingham for the last 14 years. She started in the Quality Control Department as a Laboratory Technician, analysing brewing liquor and providing countless brewers with their liquor treatment recommendations over the years. From here she gained the role of Technical Administrator and is now a Technical Sales Representative and first point of contact for many brewers coming to Murphys for technical advice.

11:30 - 11:55 The Cellar
12:00 - 19:00 Exhibition Hall
SEMINAR: Microbial Quality Assurance in practice at the Craft Brewery

Time: 12.00pm - 12.25pm
Presenter: Thiago Orestes, Doehler

How do you know if your beer is contaminated or not? What kind of control and procedure suits your production scale to assure the quality?

We all know how much the craft beer can offer in terms of flavour and experience to the consumers and how it’s been playing an important role in the economy. But not all the brewers have a clear picture of what is happening on a micro scale and how the beer spoiling bacteria is influencing the quality of their products. 

Some bacteria are able to offer a high risk to the sensory quality of your beer and must be monitored and controlled, in order to avoid the damage to the image of your brewery and the escape of your consumers. 

During this quick presentation, we will show you some monitoring practices adequate to the craft brewery reality and how to see the microbiology in a more practical and objective way.

About the Presenter

Thiago is a Food Engineer and a passionate about beer and the brewing process. Prior to come to Döhler in Germany, he worked with Quality Assurance and Technical Sales Management in Brazil, USA and Italy. Always in charge of making processes more efficient and safe, while implementing new technologies or as a part of the Quality Assurance team. After a MBA on Commercial Management and successful experiences in the brewing industry, he’s been recently responsible for the Business Development for the microbiology culture media and his main target is to make it accessible to the whole brewing and beverage market. 

12:00 - 12:25 The Cellar
SEMINAR: Lager brewing for independent craft brewers

Time: 12.00pm - 12.50pm
Presenter: Fabian Clark, Muntons

A quick overview of the potential that lager brewing has, leading into a discussion about raw material management and useful processing techniques for lager production. The presentation will cover the choice of raw materials, modern processing technology and traditional brewing methods

12:00 - 12:50 Beer Garden
MEET THE EXPERTS: Cask & Keg Rental

Experts: Q&A session with Close Brothers Brewery Rentals & Kegstar

Renting casks and kegs in the correct way is one of the main factors to get right when you run an independent brewery. BeerX sponsor Kegstar and SIBA Gold Member Close Brothers Brewery Rentals will be able to answer your queries on what these rental companies offer the industry.

12:00 - 12:30 The Parlour
SEMINAR: New beer styles

Time: 12.30pm - 12.55pm
Presenter: Alex Barlow, Sentinel Brewing and Beer & Cider Academy ​

New and developing trends in craft brewing will be explored under the sections ‘re-exploring old styles’, ‘ brewing with more’ and 'brewing with less’ and will touch on craft lagers and sour beers, brewing with fruits, herbs and spice, brewing gluten and alcohol free beers.

About the Presenter

Alex’s passion for beer started with his first job, cellar-man at his local pub. He’s an IBD qualified Master Brewer with 30 years International experience, as well as being head brewer at Sentinel Alex is a consultant, presenter and author of the award winning ALL BEER Guide, and Director of Training at the Beer & Cider Academy.

Alex founded Sentinel Brewing Co. in central Sheffield in 2016. An open 25Hl brewhouse with taproom bar & beer-matching restaurant it offers a fully engaging grain to glass experience in your eyeline and up to 4 beers served fresh from tank, including hand-pulled SG: Sentinel Gold and PvO: Czech Pilsner. 


12:30 - 12:55 The Cellar

Break for lunch will commence at 13:00

13:00 - 14:00 Exhibition Hall
JUDGING: Judges Registration

Judging will commence from 2pm.

13:00 - 14:00 Tap Room
SEMINAR: Craft glass & can filling equipment

Time: 2.00pm - 2.25pm
Presenter: Phil Kennedy, KHS UK

An overview of the low capacity Filling (Glass & Can) Machines which have been recently developed by KHS specifically for the Craft market.

About the Presenter

Phil completed an Engineering Apprenticeship for a leading soft drinks producer in 2003 before joining KHS UK as a part of their growing Service Team.  Over a period of 9 years he built up a broad engineering knowledge installing, commissioning and supporting Filling and Packaging equipment in the CSD and Brewing sector.   In 2012 Phil took a further step forwards in his career and moved into Project Management for KHS before finally taking on the role of Sales Manager in 2017.
KHS GmbH is one of the leading international suppliers of filling and packaging systems for the beverage industry.  With over 145 years of experience in supplying single machines or complete turnkey solution for Filling & Packaging lines across the world. KHS are oriented towards clear-cut values: Quality, customer orientation and innovative strength.

14:00 - 14:25 The Cellar
SEMINAR: How to drive your brewery profits with a diversified sales strategy

Time: 2.00pm - 2.50pm
Presenter: Susanne Currid, The Business of Drinks

The world of beer consumption is changing but are brewers? According to SIBA’s last Members Survey, many member breweries still stick to selling their beer through a limited range of channels. 

Susanne Currid explains the benefits of creating a more diversified sales strategy and reviews the pros and cons of taking alternative routes to market.

About the Presenter

Susanne Currid is an associate at The Business of Drinks who specialises in advising growing businesses on the development and implementation of their Sales and Marketing strategies. Her client list includes craft breweries, small batch cider makers and English sparkling wine producers. She is author of Build Your Tribe – the new marketing manifesto for restaurants, bars and cafes (2013), a regular trade event speaker and has appeared on the BBC’s The Apprentice 2017 final as an expert judge.  For more about Susanne and The Business of Drinks visit: www.businessofdrinks.co.uk Follow Susanne on Twitter @susanne_currid 

14:00 - 14:50 Beer Garden
JUDGING: Beer Judging

Judging will commence from 14.00 and is expected to last until around 18.00pm

If you have any questions please email beercompetitions@siba.co.uk 

14:00 - 18:00 Tap Room
MEET THE EXPERTS: Trademark, Licensing, Investment, & Property Management

Experts: Q&A Session with Jamie Allison (Napthens) Malcolm Ireland (Napthens)

Napthens manage the SIBA Membership Legal helpline, which offers members support on a number of legal issues including trademark, licensing, investment and property management. Jamie and Malcolm will be here to give you any advice you need in these areas.


14:00 - 14:30 The Parlour
SEMINAR: Packaging defects - Quality Assurance in bottle and can

Time: 2.30pm - 2.55pm
Presenter: Steve Curtis, Institute of Brewing & Distilling

As more and more brewers are expanding beyond cask and keg and starting filling into small pack, Steve Curtis looks at aspects of QA with regard to canning and bottling. The seminar will start with getting beer ready for packaging, take a look at potential problems with incoming empty cans and bottles, highlight potential pitfalls within packaging process, then finish with monitoring quality in trade and what to do when problems occur.

About the Presenter

Master Brewer Steve Curtis has worked within the Brewing Industry since 1988, starting in quality assurance but moving through brewing, packaging and other technical roles. In 2004 he was asked to cover the role of Human Resources Manager for three months, but endured three years before being appointed Brewmaster for Russia and European Raw Materials. Steve left Anheuser-Busch in 2009 to join the Institute of Brewing and Distilling; since 2015 he has been Technical and Publications Manager as well as editor of Brewer and Distiller International, the monthly magazine for the 5,000 IBD members worldwide.

14:30 - 14:55 The Cellar
SEMINARS: Dry hopping

3.00pm - 3.25pm
Presenter: Will Rogers, Charles Faram

As drinkers' tastes shift ever more towards hop-forward aromatic beers, dry-hopping has become an ever more important tool for brewers looking to impart fresh hop aromas into their beers without too much additional bitterness. This short seminar led by inudustry experts in the field (literally) of hops will cover everything you need to know about dry hopping.

About the Presenter

Will Rogers Born was in Herefordshire to Hop Farming parents. His family stopped growing hops when he was five years old but as the old saying goes “once you have been scratched by the hop it is always in your blood!”
Will studied Computer Systems Engineering at University and embarked on a career in the field soon afterwards, working for a local Computer Services company and working his way up from technician to Engineering Manager. After 10 years, hops came back to bite him after a discussion with Paul Corbett, in a pub, over a few pints about the hop industry and opportunities within it. Keen to get involved with the hop industry once more, Will joined Charles Faram in September 2008. In 2009 he became Sales Manager and in April 2015 became a Director of the Company. Will also coordinates the breeding program for Charles Faram, looking for new hop varieties to expand the range of flavours available from British hop farms..

15:00 - 15:25 The Cellar
SEMINAR: Opening an on-site brewery tap or shop

Time: 15.00pm - 15.50pm
Presenters: Michelle Hazlewood (John Gaunt Solicitors), Robert Wicks (Westerham Brewery)

Thinking of opening a tap room, visitor centre, bottle shop or running brewery tours?

All of these offer potential income streams to a craft brewery but all require legal requirements for licensing. Michelle Hazlewood, from John Gaunt solicitors who specialise in this field will host this seminar and highlight the common pitfalls and misconceptions.

Robert Wicks from Westerham brewery will also participate in the seminar and speak about his experience of setting up a successful tap room and visitor centre.

About the Presenters

Michelle Hazlewood is a leading Licensing Practitioner having over 20 years of experience in providing licensing and regulatory advice to the hospitality industry.  She is Regional Secretary for the BII in Yorkshire, is listed as a leading Solicitor in the Legal 500 and Chambers.  Michelle has the reputation for securing Licences in unusual locations and circumstances and has worked with Breweries of all sizes.

Robert Wicks is Managing Director at Westerham Brewery and a previous Regional Trustee of SIBA 


15:00 - 15:50 Beer Garden
MEET THE EXPERTS: Brand Protection

Expert: Q&A session with Ro Price, Trade Mark Attorney & Partner at GJE Brand Protection

Branding has never been more important in the craft brewing industry. Ro is available to answer queries you may have on building and protecting your beer brands. 

15:00 - 15:30 The Parlour
SEMINAR: New hop varieties for 2018

Time: 3.30pm - 3.55pm
Presenter: Steve Curtis (Institute of Brewing & Distilling)

In this seminar hear first-hand from the UK hop merchants about the new hop varieties available in 2018, their flavour and aroma profiles and how they might best be utilised by brewers to create exciting, flavoursome independent craft beers. IBD’s Steve Curtis will host, with representatives from the UK-based hop merchants including Charles Faram and Steiner Hops.

About the Presenter

Master Brewer Steve Curtis has worked within the Brewing Industry since 1988, starting in quality assurance but moving through brewing, packaging and other technical roles. In 2004 he was asked to cover the role of Human Resources Manager for three months, but endured three years before being appointed Brewmaster for Russia and European Raw Materials. Steve left Anheuser-Busch in 2009 to join the Institute of Brewing and Distilling; since 2015 he has been Technical and Publications Manager as well as editor of Brewer and Distiller International, the monthly magazine for the 5,000 IBD members worldwide.


15:30 - 15:55 The Cellar
BEERFLEX: An organised, flexible cooperative for professional brewing businesses
This in-depth session on SIBA BeerFlex will include presentations and information on the below areas of activity:
"An update on Access To Market and Product Excellence"
Presenter: Nick Stafford, SIBA Operations Director.
An executive summary of the review of Access To Market and opportunities within or without Beerflex: aspirations, hopes and plans for 2018 - 19.
"How to get the best out of Beerflex Direct Delivery"
Presenter: Ian Ward, SIBA UK Business Development.
The long standing core of Beerflex, the Direct Delivery Scheme, may be part of your sales strategy. Is your understanding of Beerflex correct and are you maximising your business potential or risking too much? 
"Beerflex Export: China and the Far East"
Presenter: Philip Evans, Global Food & Drinks Brands.
Perceived to be one of the most problematical export opportunities, SIBA has plans to tame the Far East. If this market can be accessed, any market is possible.
"Beerflex Logistics: third party warehousing and logistics"
Presenter: Andrew Caswell, Supplychain 21.
Resources are too often limited for storage and transport. The possibilities are endless and confusing. There is a clear solution, but at what cost? SIBA has its own distribution company, why?
"Make your ingredients work for your business"
Presenter: Dan McGlynn, Authenticateis.com
Provenance, traceability, authenticity, assurance, accreditation are all matters of due diligence being imposed on retailers of all sizes for the ever demanding consumer. Hear about SIBA's plans to help you weather the storms ahead. 
"Make easy the red tape of Heath & Safety compliance"
Presenter: Kevin Vaughan, SIBA Compliance Moderator.
The SIBA Food Safety & Quality Standard is a scheme of improvement. The latest edition is way to avoid the most burdensome aspects of legal compliance. Two very useful tools to help you achieve this are presented.
16:00 - 17:45 The Cellar

SIBA Regional Directors from across the UK will be available on the BeerX Regional Bars from 6-6.30pm so why not pop along and introduce yourself, ask a question, or just say hello and socialise with a beer?

In order to get the most out of your SIBA Membership we'd really reccomend that you engage with your local region by entering competitions, attending regional meetings, or suggesting topics for discussion or even motions for the AGM.

SIBA is a democratic trade association and your Regional Directors are the guys that represent your brewery and the rest of the region on the National Board. So if you've got a question or issue the best way to raise it is via them!

...and even if you don't have a burning question for them, pop along for a beer as many of the Directors have just been elected this year, so may well be a new face!

18:00 - 18:30 Exhibition Hall
CHAIRMAN'S RECEPTION: Lifetime Achievement Awards & SIBA Business Awards

The Chairman's Reception is the Headline event of the day at BeerX and this will encompass two main features:

Lifetime Achievement Award: 6.30pm-6.45pm 
presented by SIBA National Chairman Buster Grant

SIBA Business Awards: 6.45pm-7.30pm hosted by Nigel Barden

18:30 - 19:30 Exhibition Hall

Exhibition finishes at 20:00 - Enjoy the Liverpool nightlife!


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Floor Plan

The floor plan is subject to change at any time.

Current Exhibitor List as of 26/02/2018

Stand Number Company Stand Number Company Stand Number Company Stand Number Company
1,2,6,7Byworth Boilers Ltd58Katz Gmbh & Co KG105Nexus Cooling Ltd156Uren Food Group
3, 4, 5Close Brothers Brewery Rentals59Rankin Brothers & Sons 106Andritz Separation157Connor Innovations
8Cicerone Certification Program60Brewers Select Ltd107, 108Oasthouse Engineering158Rawlings
9Ska-Fabricating61-62Alfa Laval Ltd109,110Zoedale159Oasthouse Engineering
10QCL - QuadraChem Laboratories63Keg Logistics UK Ltd112Willis Publicity164ABUK
11Charles Faram & Co Ltd64Tom Newman Brewing Innovation113,114Cask Brewing Systems165Moravek International
12Anton Paar Ltd65Supplychain 21115freerbutler166m+f KEG-Technik GmbH & Co.KG
13Nucleus IP Limited66Hanna Instruments116Rastal GmbH & Co KG167Schafer Container Systems
14Weyermann GmbH68Atwell Self-Adhesive Labellers118SALSA, Cask Marque & SIBA FSQ168Lambrechts Konstruktie NV
15Musk Engineering Ltd70Ecokeg International Ltd117TLV Engineering UK Ltd170Vitikit Ltd
16Saxon Packaging Ltd71Sales-I119,120Nichesolutions (GB) Ltd171Johnson Brewing Design Ltd
17Fermentis72Advanced Packaging Material121Vega Controls Ltd172Carlson Filtration
18Lemon Top Creative73Evolution BPS122White Labs173Muntons Plc
19Murphy & Sons Ltd74SIBA Journal123, 124Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd174Festival Glass Ltd
20,21Paktech75Croxsons125Integrated Processing Technologies Ltd175Air Products Cryoease Services
22Pentair Food & Beverage Solutions76Taphandles LLC126Beaumont PPS Ltd176Multi Packaging Solutions
23, 24Enterprise Tondelli77Sahm GmbH & Co KG127Beer Box Shop177J&E Hall
25Brewfitt Ltd78Kemtile Limited128NINKASI Brewkit Rentals178Draught Beer Online
26Micro Can Canning Machines79Thielmann UK Ltd129Protecnica Solutions Ltd179Doehler UK Ltd
27, 28CFB Boilers Ltd80Framax UK Limited130Russell Scanlan181Drinkers Voice
29Moorgate Finance82Bevtech Ltd131Beatson Clark182Business Support Solutions
30MGT Ltd83Brewery Plastics132Premier Systems Ltd183Morrow Brothers
31Stevenson Reeves Ltd85Branded Drinks Ltd133Lallemand UK / AB Vickers184Dixon Group Europe Ltd
32Norriq Ltd86Control & Traceabillity Systems134Carling Partnership185, 186, 187Brewology Ltd
33ABAX UK87Business Doctors135Arlington Packaging Rental Ltd188ACO Building Drainage
34RLBS Ltd Incorp CFBS88Crisp Malting Group136GEA Mechanical Equipment UK Ltd189Trafalgar Scientific
35AD Packaging Services Ltd89BFBI137Rudd Macnamara Ltd190Lechler Ltd
36-40Crusader Kegs & Casks Ltd90Moeschle (UK) Ltd138AD Profile191Erben
41JBC Industrial Services Ltd91Treasure Transport Services Ltd139O-I Sales & Distribution UK Ltd192ITS Europe Ltd
42Vision33 & Orchestrated Beer92Lightweight Containers KeyKeg140,141Core Equipment Ltd193Impianti Toscana Inox
43Mercian Labels Ltd93TMCI Padovan Spa142Rotech (Swindon) Ltd194Kegstar
44Star Pubs & Bars94Guyson146Dotmatix195SPAsoft Ltd
45, 46, 47Vigo Ltd95Black Wolf Brewery147Cochran196Berkshire Labels Ltd
48-49YCH Hops96PTFX148Vuba Group197Craft Beer Growlers
50-51Makro Labelling UK Ltd97Steiner Hops Ltd149Forum of Private Business198Air Equipment
52European Malt98Coveris Flexible UK Ltd150KHS Uk Ltd199NFU Mutual
53European Brewing Systems99Liquid Solutions151Seal & Pump Engineering UK Ltd200IC Filling Systems Ltd
54KSM Keg Service Mannich GmbH100Vale Labels Ltd152Brewlab Ltd201Bulk Storage & Process Systems Ltd
55Edwin Holdens Bottling Co Ltd101Fabdec Ltd153Thomas Fawcett & Sons Ltd202Graham Tyson
56Krones102, 103, 111Flextech Hose Solutions Ltd154D Smith Brewing Services & Consultancy
57Institute of Brewing & Distilling104New Zealand Pump Co Ltd155Gernep GmbH Labelling Systems
New Venue

Take a look at the new venue for BeerX 2018, the Liverpool Exhibition Centre.

BeerX 2018

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